Doina Ruști is one of the most appreciated female voices of contemporary literature. She became famous mainly due to her well-written novels, covering a wide variety of topics.


Romane la Polirom

Contemporary Romanian Writers

PEN Club Romania


Occult cookbook, Phanariots, mystery. Bucharest, 1798.

A ghost, the ruins of a mill, communism, Chernobyl. No one can decide who is guilty and who is not.

Love, slavery, 18 Century, history.

He loved. He was deceived. He wanted to get revenge. She has another version. One story, two confessions.

Romanian village today, the secrets of a small community, one child against the world, one culprit, more stories.

An ordinary vampire...

Love online, virus, grooming, crime, cyberspace.

Adulterer, adopted children, mothers defects, hypocrisy of adoptions, love and despair, Bucharest today.

Urban adventure, love, crime, strange happenings, surrealism, satire.

Time travel, life after death, love, contemporary miracles, urban adventures…

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