The mother of two chicories (Mămica la două albăstrele)

The mother of two chicories (Mămica la două albăstrele) - Doina Ruști
Polirom Publishing, 2013 (Romanian)

The novel is a gem in which the author slips into the skin of each character without ostentation, resulting in a refined psychological and contextual analysis.

The novel follows a story of love, undertaken against the background of numerous political changes in the summer of 2012. A cameraman (None), married and stable, lives his own revolution after falling in love with a singer. The situation brings out other old misery that will make his life explode. Among celebrities, TV news and political struggles, painful belief that gradually increases beyond the high ideals of social achievements and even above family, there is a duty of everyone to oneself.

Meanwhile, Romanian Prime Minister on Facebook read messages coming from an unknown who signed mother of two chicories, a name that actually unites two upheavals: a cameraman and country.

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