My characters

Who are my heroes, what do they look like, what role do they have in the novel? Each character expresses a connection, one of those meetings, during which two people (myself and the character) lived in the same drop of water. (2019-02-27)
My characters - Doina Ruști

literature in the restaurant

At the "La Mama" restaurants tables, you can also find Jurnalul de poftă bună (The Lust Magazine), a stylish mini-magazine, edited by Imprima. Yesterday I ate at La Mama (from the University), and I gave the interview Narcis Barbu got me. About what? Food, literature and ecstasy

...chicken brine, duck pasta with mint, pheasant with cinnamon raspberries & honey (old recipe), and last but not least, a cake, crammed with millet and wheat flour, filled with nuts, raisins and honey. Later, the millet was replaced with corn, and the cake, losing its glory, was called sweetcorn .

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