La Radio Bucureși FM, "În Comunitate"

About books & fabulous trips with Răzvan Ursuleanu (2018-12-05)
La Radio Bucureși FM, În Comunitate - Doina Ruști
Calatoriile dau, de multe ori, viata cartilor pe care le citim

A dialogue: Răzvan Ursuleanu & Doina Ruști

‘I’m going to complain to the Palace, mistress! Have you any idea how many different dishes I should be cooking tonight?’

And he started to list them so fast that no one could stop him, until, coming upon me, in the narrow space between Caterina and the housekeeper, he threw a question at me, equally hurriedly: ‘Have you ever eaten cockchafers, my little mistress?’

And imagining that I hadn’t understood, he added: ‘Melolontha, young lady! Now do you know?’ (The Book of Perilous Dishes)

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