Zogru - Doina Ruști
Descontexto Publishing, Santiago de Chile, 2018 (Spanish)
Zogru - Doina Ruști
Sétatér Kulturális Egyesület, Budapest, 2014 (Hungarian)
Zogru - Doina Ruști
Polirom Publishing, 2013 (Romanian)
Zogru - Doina Ruști
Bonanno Publishing, Rome, 2010 (Italian)
Zogru - Doina Ruști
Balkani Publishing, Sofia, 2008 (Bulgarian)
Zogru - Doina Ruști
Polirom Publishing, 2006 (Romanian)

Zogru is an immortal, a Saint Germain who flow through history.

Doina Rusti is an erudite writer, and her character, Zogru is a mythical creature who "lives" in different characters for more than seven centuries, harboring amorous ambitions, financial and political.

Con la testa que risuona di esclamativi e gli angoli delle labbra che tremano di una risatina difficile da trattenere. Stupefacente è il fuocco di fila di trovate di espressioni pungenti e fulminanti que l'autrice escogita per descrivere situazioni e stati d'animo della sua protagonista.

The novel [Zogru] is filled with an atrocious realism, showing a vision as veridical as possible strictly of contemporary reality, but it escapes in the fantastic in a way as natural as Marquez's famous Remedios was rising to the sky while she was hanging the laundry to dry.

The fabulous, the miraculous, the supernatural blend with the petty history, in detail, even in the day-to-day life. A substantial and gripping novel, an altogether unwonted presence on the current literary stage.

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