Doina Ruști

The Little Red Man (Omulețul roșu)

The Little Red Man (Omulețul roșu) - Doina Ruști
Vremea Publishing, 2012 (Romanian)
The Little Red Man (Omulețul roșu) - Doina Ruști
Nikita Publishing, 2012 (Italian)
The Little Red Man (Omulețul roșu) - Doina Ruști
Vremea Publishing, 2004 (Romanian)

The novel reads with great joy, with the mind ravaged by exclamations and a barely restrained laughter.

The story takes place our days, in Bucharest.

The novel focuses on a woman’s story (Laura Iosa), who hasn’t had any sexual relations for the last 11 years. She falls in love with a man she only knows via internet. Although she doesn’t even know how he looks like, she is sure to have established a subtle bond with this character.

In parallel, a hacker (Albert Lazăr) makes a software experiment; the result of it is that Laura subliminally absorbs a series of information (texts, images, Albert’s biography and so on).

Influenced by Laura’s emotions and stimulated by the „virus” created by Albert, an unseen spirit of the world turns into the little red man. Together with him, Laura enters the virtual space called alazar, which is actually a world controlled by Albert.

At the same time, Laura and the little red man live in the very heart of the cruel reality, in Bucharest, where all sort of things happen: affairs, redeeming confrontations, a murder, etc.

With all these elements on background, Laura is looking for her love, by staying in touch with different people on the internet, meeting various men, hoping for a miracle. She eventually goes to a monastery where she writes God a letter, asking Him for a man to love her.

All this story is re-told by Laura and posted on the forum where different people who uses the website comments and sometimes complete her texts. By posting her story, Laura keeps her promosie to the little red man, who in the meantime disappears and from whom she is waiting for a sign.

He eventually replies to her, on the same forum, his answer turningn into the epilogue of the novel.

From his reply, we fiind out that Laura and Albert met in the real world and had a love affair.

Also, the little red man explains his true nature, revealing the fact that all the facts that happened or were narrated within the novel were linked to a word, asleep in the heart of the world.

The novel is based on two main stories: Laura’s story and Albert’s story. They both contain about 24 narratives, intertwined by various and unexpected epic links.