The Book of Perilous Dishes ‑ Doina Rusti

Coming soon to the London Book Fair 5‑8 April 2022 (2022-03-28)
The Book of Perilous Dishes - Doina Rusti - Doina Ruști

It was lovely reading the translators note before starting this to understand the history and wording. Also to note there was a glossary and a list of the characters at the back to the book too. I learned so much about Romania before even stating the book and I enjoyed that. Not only do you get the knowledge to expect 21 incredible recipes to appear but you also get to hear about the historical goddess and the events that took place between 1797-99. If you appreciate a map before a start of a read you’ll adore these that you come across.

If you love adventure blended with magical fantasy elements that takes you on a dark adventure this is definitely for you. These perilous dishes are not as you expect them to be. They’re full of enchanting mysteries to lead you to the path of happiness, prediction and forgetfulness. I appreciated this for so many reasons mainly because Patca is only 14 years old and what an incredible character she is. I wasn’t expecting the murder on top of the intelligence to complete the mystery to decipher the clues to hunt down this book. It’s extremely fast paced, the translation is wonderful.

I love an ending which gets you thinking about it at the end for days and that’s the effect this book left with me. Be patient with this it does take a while to get used to certain Romanian words. But you’ll be hooked from the very beginning as you travel back in time.

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