About what do you think is this book? It's the book of stone heads? It's a volume of stories? Or lyrics? In any case, It's a fresh, 400‑page book. (2019-05-17)
Traductions - Doina Ruști
China, 2019

It has a long and memorable title: Cong Quan Shan Dao Ping Yuan By Li Zan! Pretty, no? If I tell you it's about poetry's elixirs, will you believe me? Including the alcoholic ones.

It's an anthology about poetry and poetry, about vices and pleasures, published in Sichuan (at Si Chuan Min Zu Chu Ban She), not long ago. And among these texts is a fragment from my The Book pf Perilous Dishes (Mâța Vinerii), which I hope to see translated entirely into Chinese. Siqi Zhu so hopes. But translation is a hard work. Meanwhile, I can make a film with Li Xinduo, beginned with my trembling hand and a broken phone. But it's a start! At the end of the movie you can see them Li Xinduo, a brilliant professor at the Beijing Film Faculty, who has already forgave my phone.

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