Doina Ruști

Skopje, Book Star

To Book Star Festival, with Zarko Kujundjiski, Valentina Kostova, Ermis Lfazanovski, Alexandra Kaitozis. (2016-11-08)

Skopje, Book Star - Doina Ruști
Doina Ruști la Skopje

TEA Moderna, Skopje, 2016

Doina Ruști: The great stories have already been told ☺. And the time for manifestos passed as well. At present, artists work with details sometimes hidden in the creases of a gesture. Who out there is still interested in a story about love and death, Romeo and Juliet style? Instead, everybody would enjoy reading about Juliet’s shoes, discovered in Mantova. Why? Because the topic completes, it extends. It resembles a visit to friends.

Beyond the epigonism ruling over the literature of the world, there are a few notable attempts to create something original. We have here people elaborating on the autobiography style already outworn by the last decades’ attempts, others desperately cling on to the thick and symbolically saturated novel of the ‘80s and some only try to please the public. (Doina Ruști)